Fire Alarms, Security and CCTV

Fire Alarms, Security and CCTV

Bunting Electric is certified and licensed to install fire alarms, CCTV and other Security systems in Arkansas State. Free estimates are given on work to be performed and a one (1) year labor warranty is also offered on all services provided.

Inspections and Certificate assurance

We can provide inspections to ensure that your system meets and maintains Arkansas state license requirements. We can also ensure that your fire alarm and security certificate requirements are met every year and provide maintenanceand repair services. Installing certain fire alarm and security systems can also help to reduce your insurance premiums.


Installation of both addressable and conventional systems into your home or facility.

Monitoring and Networking

Bunting Electric can help you monitor your building for fire alarms and security breaches…set up your system to alert anyone you choose in case of a breach, from 911 to the head of the household or both. We can also provide online networking for your facility so that you can monitor your cameras from anywhere with online access. We have installed this feature in residential homes with new mothers, day care centers, churches and hospitals.